Full Circle Holistic Health

Our Company Story

Welcome to Full Circle Holistic Health, operated by Barney Kuntze who is a serial visionary entrepreneur.  Getting a start by first opening a tool & die business, then going onto open 2 fitness clubs he built in local communities from scratch. 

On April.23rd 2010 at a traditional native healing circle, Barney attended with the intention of getting more clear on his life's purpose.   From that point on, it became clear with this simplified message as his main take away.  "To educate, teach, inspire and impact millions and millions of people around the world to get better in touch and in tune with the plant and animal kingdom."

At the time Barney was still operating his 2 fitness clubs, Pinacle Health & Fitness Inc.  He was a little confused and uncertain about how to start carrying this out.   However, after attending an online summit hosted by Sean Croxton from Underground Wellness he became very inspired by how many people could be reached and educated through a simple (yet very large scale) online educational event. 

Starting in 2015 with the first of it's kind, YL Success Summit and having 28,000 people registering for the event - he knew this was part of the journey. 

This led to more in depth study and work in Digital Marketing & Advertising, as he had clients approach him to do work for them - based on how successful his online Summits were.  He was often asked, "How did you learn how to do all of this and put it together?"  Can you help me with my online marketing?

This is where, how and why FCHH Media was born to serve clients in their online marketing ventures. 

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YL Success Summit - Free annual online summit completely dedicated to the Young Living Essential Oils Independent Distributor community!

Animal Wellness Summit - A FREE annual online educational summit dedicated to the holistic care of dogs, cats, birds and horses featuring work from experts around the world. 

Success Summit App - reader app developed to serve the Summit customers better by combining idea's from Audible & Netflix.  Subscribers can listen, watch & read the content anywhere anytime while on the go.  The best feature is being able to share any of the presentations or content with a prospect, team member or friend.  

FCHH Media - Digital Marketing & Advertising Agency for private client work focusing in 4 business services. 

1) Business Coaching & Consulting
2) InfusionSoft CRM Management & Consulting
3) Website Design & Development 
4) Paid Media & Traffic Strategies

Barney pictured with his family
Wife Adrienne
Children (left to right)
Gabrielle, Violet, Leo & Mckenna