2020 YLSS Digital Downloads

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Individual Video (because there is so much amazing content, we couldn’t fit it into one BIG folder)

6.01 Adam Ringham Heiros Gamos – The Divine Union and Sacred Marriage
6.02 Andy Jenkins  – You might have undiagnosable PTSD
6.03 Barney Kuntze – How Anyone Can Afford & Needs their own Personal Virtual Assistant
6.04 Ben Howden – Be Smart Today… For a Better Tomorrow
6.05 Ben Perkus -The Doomsday Technique
6.06 Dr Bob Rakowski – Guilt Free & Turbo-Charged Coffee
6.07 Braeden Pauls – Overcoming Stigmas and Sell with Füm™
6.08 Brian Friedl – How To Leave Your Need For Confidence Behind Forever
6.09 Carla Cohen – Brain Profiling for Healing Stress, Anxiety and Immunity
6.1 Carol Edic – How the Raindrop Technique changed my sons life (and mine)
6.11 Chelle Carter – Sharing Made Simple
6.12 Cherie Ross – Sacred Frankincense Stories
6.13 Cindy Haggerton – Beyond the Basics for Baby
6.14 Cindy Haggerton – Mom Kit for the Baby Stage
6.15 Claire Van Bemmelen – Work Smarter, Not Harder
6.16 Cy Tidwell – iTOVi the future of personalized wellness!
6.17 David Trombly – Defense Wins Championships
6.18 Eric Bailey – How to Get Unstuck and Stay Motivated
6.19 Ernie Yarbrough – The Importance of Being Earnest
6.2 Hailey & Jeremy Aliff – The ABC’s of a Young Living Business
6.21 Dr James  Claussen – Immunity 101
6.22 James Lawrence – Redefine Impossible
6.23 Jeffrey Lewis – Building YL as a Man
6.24 Dr Jessica Dietrich-Marsh – Inflammation + Recovery Response
6.25 Jihan Thomas – Getting Unstuck & Finding Your Rhythm
6.26 Dr Jim Bob  Haggerton – The Foundation of Autoimmunity
6.27 Dr John  Demartini – How to Make one Hell of a Profit and still get to Heaven
6.28 Judy Ray – Two Dogs That Beat The Odds
6.29 Kenneth Krieger – Is it possible to “drive” essential Oils Deeper?
6.3 Krissy Chin – The 3 keys to generating a successful business that your upline didn’t teach you
6.31 Kristin Warnaca – The Heart and Art of Coaching
6.32 Kristin Warnaca – Year In Review: A Multisensory OOLA Experience
6.33 Kristin Warnaca – Dream Again & Crush Your Goals
6.34 Lauren Cattie – How to successfully build a Young Living business
6.35 Marie Ruggles – 3 Phases of Immune Support
6.36 Mark Davis – Strategic Positive Thinking
6.37 Meagan Agnew – Leadership at Every Rank
6.38 Mollie Vacco – Being a Mom & a YL Enroller!
6.39 Pam Fisher – What’s in my first aid kit
6.4 Robert Tennyson Stevens – The Role of Conscious Language and Imagination Activation in Success
6.41 Ryan Watson – Emotional Rescue
6.42 Sarah Steele – Your Personality Color and You Why… Do You Even Have One?!
6.43 Dr  Sharnael Wolverton Sehon – The Quantum Connection to a Essential Oils
6.44 Shannon Hudson – 2020 Survival Kit
6.45 Sheila Sherman – Homeschool your kids & Build a YL Biz
6.46 Stacey Hall – How To Host A Facebook Challenge for Multiple Enrollments
6.47 Dr Stephen LaFay – Inspired Life Lessons with Dr Stephen LaFay
6.48 Steve Sheridan – Journey to Health & Wealth
6.49 Susan Santoro Martz – AromaFlow Yoga in Times of Crisis
6.5 Tara Rayburn Part 1 – Establish Ongoing Clarity & Confidence
6.51 Tara Rayburn Part 2 – Envision Physical Strength & Freedom
6.52 Tara Rayburn Part 3 – Create Spiritual Valor & Endurance
6.53 Tom “Big Al” Schreiter – Ice Breakers
6.54 Tracy Griffiths – Part 1: Aroma Yoga® The Magic of the Chakras + the Elements
6.55 Tracy Griffiths – Part 2: Future Pacing + Quantum Leveraging for Manifesting
6.56 Vanessa Keenan – The Power & Possibility of Change
6.57 Yvonne King – What food is YOUR Kryptonite?