2018 AWS Digital Downloads

Below you will find all of the download content that you have paid for with the Animal Wellness Summit 2018!  Download access begins Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 through to Sunday, March 17th, 2019.  After March 17th, 2019 your Digital Download access and online access will be removed, unless you have purchase one of our AWS Subscriptions.

We highly suggest that you read the READ ME FIRST document, as it may answer some of your questions about how to download all of the material to your computer.

If you’re trying to download to an iPhone or iPad or any mobile device direct, it will NOT work.  You will need to download these files to a computer first, then transfer it over manually!

If you have any challenges, please email us at support@FullCircleHolisticHealth.com and we will respond back to help you.

Watch this short Digital Download Walkabout to learn about downloading the 2018 AWS Content.


All Audio

Individual Audio


Individual Videos



Transcripts by Group