D4 V3 Ruth Roberts – What the heck is SIBO? How do I know my dog has it?

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D4 V3 Ruth Roberts – What the heck is SIBO? How do I know my dog has it? [memb_add_tag tag_id=”5731,5801″]

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  1. Cyd Tanimura

    Hi Dr. Ruth,
    Thank you for your well-presented, super informative presentation on SIBO & how it differs from what most practitioners seems to lump into the IBS/D category of digestive disorders. Your logical explanation of why Pharma-antibiotics would be an essential strategy to recreate a normal Small Intestine bacteria balance was particularly enlightening. Using antibiotics to gradually regain control over this difficult to repair area made complete sense to me & I particularly appreciated your providing specific guidance on the ones to use. I really enjoyed learning about the common causes of SIBO, I’m grateful that so far I haven’t had dogs with severe, chronic cases, but I now recognize some of the milder symptoms of digestive disorders as a result of things like undiagnosed hookworm infestations in rescue dogs, that may have healed faster with the SIBO approach vs the more well-known “increase microbiome bacteria” approach. I am looking forward to becoming a member of your group & learning even more. Thank you very much!