D4 V2 Pam Fisher – What’s in my first aid kit

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D4 V2 Pam Fisher – What’s in my first aid kit  [memb_add_tag tag_id=”5729,5801″]

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    1. Jan Schipman

      Hi, I have been using young living oils on my and other animals for years. These oils that she has mentioned on her talk….. Valor, Copaiba, Lavender, Sacred Frankensence, Digize, peppermint, peace and calming…..I use for them. The other oils she mentioned I have not used for them. All the things she talked about each oil and what it does works the same for animals. CATS……have to be careful with them and oils. If you have any questions you can ask me….I would love to help.

    1. Jan Schipman

      I use Digize on my dog for digestive problems for years. It is gentle and works wonderful. Start out with one drop in your palm….rub in your dogs tummy. FIRST and important…..let your dog smell it from the jar. If he does not like the smell and turns away then do not use. Animals will know if they like or not these oils…..if they like smell….then use. Anyways back to digize oil. With our dog, I did this in morning and at night. As time went on, the one drop went to 2 or three. Use it daily….because if not, you will think it does not work. ……… I have been using essential oils (young living ) on our animals and others for years. Love them!!! I use them on myself too! The digize works wonders with my and our dogs digestive issues.