1. Kim Bednarowski

    Thank you so much for this. I am too like you who gets so upset when I see animals being abused! This is truly inspiring for me to be able to help with your suggestions to send love, blessings, higher vibrational being of love and light to the animal!

  2. Monique Brignoni

    Florentine, such an important conversation!
    Yes yes yes to all you say. I also appreciate the tools you offer to shift our energy to one of love, which is what these beautiful animals need more than anything! I can no longer watch any video and therefore sign any petitions as my energy shifts to horror and pain. And by doing that I was contributing with those energies to the already tragic lives they are living! When in reality I only wanted them to feel love. So the benefit of me signing the petitions was overridden by the bad energies I was unwillingly sending to the situation, by feeling horrified and sorry for them! And we know energy is far more powerful than matter.
    This is such an important conversation as more often than not, as animal lovers we unwillingly and out of love, actually end up contributing to their dramatic situation because we seldom remember that our energies reach them and they feel it, no matter how far! So I believe it’s time to take responsibility for the emotions we give out!
    Thank you for helping us with this beautiful presentation!