1. Pat Lujan

    I was disappointed in your presentation. I thought you would give me specifics to rectify or moderate or at least change my dog’s behavior for the better. I didn’t realize all you wanted was for me to get on your site and pay to learn anything about the subject.

  2. Petra Christensen

    I am so sorry that you are disappointed, Pat. I actually really enjoyed Allecia’s presentation. Have you consider that simply paying attention to your breathing, intent and energy can actually change your dog’s response? I have had great success with my students and horses doing so. My best to you!

  3. Carla Hara

    Thank you Alecia for this incredible information!! I will add it to my daily rituals as my animals are the most important beings to me. You rock in everything you do for the animals and their people!

  4. Sarah Merlin

    LOVED IT! LOVED IT! It’s SO true that gaining a deeper relationship with your animal IMPROVES animal behaviour, and in turn is a win win for health and wellbeing. THANK YOU ALLECIA!!