1. Trisha Kirby

    This was my favorite presentation so far. He is so funny, so charming and tells such touching stories that I found myself laughing, crying, gettihg goosebumps, just loved it. What a remarkable human being sharing timeless wisdom.

  2. Pat Lujan

    You’re so very funny. I was busy taking notes. Thank you for telling me to be quiet when I’m trying to get my mini schnauzer to come which she never does. She comes only when she feels like it which is usually after I’m beside myself. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to view and hear you. Keep up your good work. Pat Lujan

  3. Sarah Merlin

    Bernie, I really wish I was your nextdoor neighbour! I could sit and listen to your stories for hours, every story holding an important message or snippet of wisdom. I listened to your presentation with 4 dogs laying on me like a blanket. I couldn’t stop smiling and told all of them how much I loved them with a renewed abundance of gratitude and appreciation. THANK YOU!!

  4. Melissa Olvitt

    So much LOVE to you Bernie your gifts are HEALING so many on so many levels!
    I have followed you since your first book came out and the message will never change…LOVE
    Also, thank you for reminding me to tell my stories….