1. Tilly Anger

    Thank you, Mike McGuigan, Reiki teacher, and practitioner, for a masterful presentation. Your warm, friendly, welcome, music, power point slides immediately captured our attention, and made the introduction to Reiki interesting, captivating, fascinating, fresh, and fun. Your explanation re: think of a dog’s vertebrae, each with a destination, the importance of opening pathways /communication, and putting the energetic puzzle back together, is exceptional. Visuals (of you) working with horses, and slides sharing the important and compelling, stories / examples of Sweet Willy, Suki, and Sophie the cat are marvelous examples of how a Reiki practitioner’s knowledge, skills, and dedication can benefit and accelerate healing processes. Reminding participants to: stay calm, and remember where attention goes, energy flows, is great advice. Your presentation, and Dr Erin’s, will make Animal Wellness participants wish they resided in Aurora, Illinois 🙂 Bravo, accolades, cheers, applause, confetti. Kindest thoughts, gratitude, and appreciation to all, at Vitality Animal Chiropractic, home to an amazing, talented, animal health care team. Thank you.