1. Cheryl Bales

    Although I agree with the premises of your topic, the statement that cortosol leads to tumors and then cancer is very misleading. Cortosol is the body’s fight or flight mechanism and living in a high state of cortosol can cause illness, but there is so much more than just a quick jump from corsol to cancer. A continuous cortosol dump can cause other issues as well (heart, blood pressure, hair pigmentation, etc.)

    I’m sorry for your losses and situations, but coming from Minnesota myself your “facts” about Minnesota are jaded based on your own personal experience. Not everyone in Minnesota gets married young and starts a family.

    As a professional speaker, please continue to relate your own experiences in your speaking…it makes you human…but dont mistake and relay your own truths as scientics facts.

  2. Carla Hara

    You’re awesome! I really enjoyed your talk and feel the same that our animals feel our emotions and we need to bring more joy and relaxation to our lives on a regular basis! 100%!! I will do that more, for sure. I will look you up and look for that recording also. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for your love of animals! (- :

  3. Mary Manuel

    Very emotional. Thank you for this presentation. I wish I had heard it 2 yrs. ago & I may have been able to save my baby’s life. The vet said he had 2 hrs. to live. I kept him alive 43 days doing all the research I could on anything that could help him survive the advanced kidney cancer that no one knew he had till that day. I had pneumonia and melanoma as well as relationship problems at the time. So what you say makes a lot of sense. He helped me till the end as I was doing everything I could to help him to his very last second. You have a lot of wisdom, and I really appreciate your sharing it!

  4. Daveda Yariv

    Simply Delicious Rachel Thank You. Will definitely download the track, In Qigong we have an exercise where we shake it off.😀
    Breathing, TTouch, Eden Energy Med for Pets, Reiki, Chakra Healing are also wonderful for ourselves and our animals I agree with you, cortisol = stress -= inflammation = auto immune, allergies, chronic dis-ease.
    Loved your Presentation 💃

  5. Virginia Jones

    thank you. so true. i’ve seen the choices friends have made in response to extreme stress and the consequences. and living myself what they have gone through and trying to learn from. as i only have one option that is acceptable for me, as my family (four legged and 88 year old senior) depending on my coming home to them every day and making through another, regardless of how challenging it feels when in moments of never ending daily cycle. and i have done more than most and have more resources and know more tools to pull out and can’t change large part of situation – just how I look at it and handle. and aware of the cause and effect if I don’t.