1. Tammy Argueta

    Great info. We lost our 10 year old dog to TCC bladder cancer back in September. She was sick for about 18 months it was a journey. We stopped going to Banfield. We found a new vet and made some big changes. We used many Young Living products and Life Science book for Animals. I wish we had started sooner. Thank you for sharing info.

  2. Mostly Canine

    Thank you for your information! My dog stuffers extreme allergies and I make her food now but I am seeing many skin tags and growths on her this past year banfield vets don’t seem concerned with it but I am…

  3. Ceil Tulloch

    Thanks so much for sharing, Peter! I learned a lot from your presentation. Allie is very fortunate to have you for her pet parent. Wishing you all the best…

  4. Sally Carroll

    Peter has learned a tremendous amount from his experiences with Allie. He has saved Allie’s life many times over! I know Peter and am one of the Admins on the Allie’s Canine Cancer Crew FB group. Itchy skin issues – and some say your pet has allergies. But I view these behaviors as your pet telling you “something in my environment is causing my body to react!” It is often the kibble carbs but can also be toxins in the home environment. Once I started my cat on raw fresh food, her belly fur finally grew in thick. For dogs that have paws that smell like Fritos corn chips, this is a sign of Yeast. Yeast is feed by carbs in the food. Bravo to Peter!