1. JoAnn Critlli

    My cat seems to get highly excited and energized about 2 hrs after taking cbd. He weighs 10 lbs and is currently taking cbd for idiopathic epilepsy.
    He is also on a low dose of phenobarbital. I wait 3 hrs before giving to him. I have been trying to dose every 12 hrs but I am finding I have to experiment with his dose. Your thoughts. Can you recommend some good products?

  2. Tilly Anger

    Thank you, Anna Maria for an outstanding presentation to help participants become aware of the different components, manufacturing processes, and how to become educated consumers. You took a very, complex, complicated, subject and made it easily understood; including important caveats such as farming practices, isolates and distillation. My homeopathic vet recently sent CBD 1000mg, in a tincture formulation, for my dog’s immune issues; advising me to experiment with small doses. Make notes of my observations / impressions. Thus far, I am extremely pleased and impressed. We’re using small, incremental doses, primarily topically. Accolades, cheers, confetti aka “Mission Accomplished, Nice Work, A+ and stars for your refrigerator:) Gratitude, and appreciation. Kindest thoughts.

  3. Sally Carroll

    Thank you for this CBD Hemp oil enlightenment. I have used CAnnabis, MMJ oils that DOES INCLUDE THC for my cat with cancer. It has been explained to me that CBD + THC= the The Entourage Effect that can kill cancer cells. HEMP CBD is not effective for cancer but can be effective for pain caused by inflammation. I do not agree that these VERY STINKY and BITTER TASTING oils, in my experience, can be dosed to A CAT by putting the oils in treats ( which I do not give my cats for health reasons) nor in their food as my cat, and several cats I know of, will not eat their food with CBD oils on it. AGAIN, it my depend on the product you are using. Some CBD brands use taste additives to make your animal want to eat it. If you are a purest and only want CBD oil without additives you are probably going to have to Syringe Dose your CAT. I have spent 18months dosing my cat with mmj oils. It is not easy to get these oils into a cat. I agree there is much benefit to using mmj cannabis (with THC) by microdosing, slowly titrating the drops up, over time to get the desired results. START LOW & GO SLOW is the phrase. Hope this helps your fur baby – and YOU!