1. Alie Guillou

    Absolutely wonderful video. Informative from beginning to end, gives the pleasure of examples, performs actual demonstrations reinforcing the examples. Brilliant!

    1. Peter Jeffs

      Thank you, Alie,
      I truly appreciate your feedback and I am so happy you found this work informative. It is definitely “slow” work, as the retained reflexes have obviously been there since birth, so little and often is the way forward.
      Best wishes,

  2. TD Hake

    Very informative and fascinating. The wind was a bit hard to hear at times but appreciated the video of applied tests very much.

    1. Peter Jeffs

      Dear TD Hake,
      thank you so much for your kind feedback. I am so glad you found this informative and fascinating. Solo filming when working with animals (and indeed the weather) is always a challenge. It is however very interesting to work with the horses in the herd situation. Although that presents another challenge it is also really good to be able to work when they are together. Sometimes a horse does come out and wants to work solo and the herd is fine with that. In my experience, they most often all want to be part of the action, and so adapting kinesiology to work in this way with their flow is something the horses are teaching me!
      All my best wishes,