1. Tilly Anger

    Thank you Dr Dobias, it’s so nice to have you join the 2019 Summit. I’m one of your Raw Food Fans. My dog, “Daisy” was looking for her 5th home when she was 2 years old. The first thing we did, when we adopted her, was kick-kibble-out-of-her-life, and follow raw food protocols recommended by yourself and Dr Karen Becker. Daisy will be 9 years old in June—vital, active, eats raw bones, with gusto—on a towel, and has teeth any dentist would envy. People have stopped their cars, to walk across parking lots, and meet Daisy, when she’s entering or exiting a store. That’s what a raw diet does for a dog. Every morning, at 6AM, Daisy and I share your, Feel Good Omega—Lol. Thank you for designing the recipe maker. Parsley as a ‘Super Food’ will be an addition, to our raw food diversity. Thank you, too for sharing knowledge, wisdom, via emails, videos, and the 2019 Summit. Kindest thoughts and good wishes to you and Pax, always. Accolades, confetti, gratitude and appreciation.