1. Sarah Merlin

    I absolutely LOVED this presentation Judy! I’d heard of the Raindrop Technique but never seen it demonstrated… Sam was the PERFECT client. I felt so relaxed just watching! I will certainly try this with my own dogs.

  2. Sherry Macdonald

    So informative! I hadn’t heard of this till now and LOVE it. I animal sit and play with EO’s so this is perfect for me and all future animals I can help. Thank you so much!

  3. TD Hake

    The audio file and the video use the oils in different orders so that was odd to realize. I’m very interested in raindrop therapy so I would love to contact you for clarification on some notes I made. Thanks so much.

  4. Tilly Anger

    Thank you, thank you, Judy Ray. This is a wonderful presentation / demonstration with Sam. During the 2017 and 2018 Summits, I became aware of the “Raindrop Technique”. This is the first time I’ve seen it demonstrated. You clearly showed us how to protect ourselves from acquiring baggage, the order of the essential oils and techniques for application. A warm crock pot for towels is a very, thoughtful, addition. Sam obviously enjoyed every moment. Accolades, cheers, confetti. Gratitude and appreciation.