1. Dee Winters

    Another message plus I emailed you and no answer back. I need transcript part to read bc I have no volume on my tablet. Can you please respond to the email I sent yesterday and has not been answered which has now caused me to not be able to get info now for 1st and 2and day. If no response, then will assume you wont respond and my loss on these classes. Dee Winters

  2. Tilly Anger

    Thank you, Dr Chambreau for a wonderful, presentation, filled with extensive knowledge, wisdom, thoughtful advice, and actions. The BEAM concept is one all participants can easily remember and utilize daily. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a homeopathic vet, via phone consults, for several years. Like yourself, he taught me the importance of: tracking symptoms / changes, quantify, record, reflection, respecting one’s gut feeling or instincts; understanding the differences between cure, pallation, suppression, and no response. Every phone consult is a pleasure, filled with knowledge, wisdom, guidance, humor. He truly understands the animals in my care; their personalities, their needs, the dynamics within our home, and myself. Hopefully all of your participants will seek and find a homeopathic vet to work with; it’s life changing. Thank you, too, for inviting participants to join Kindest thoughts, gratitude, appreciation, and best wishes.

  3. Christina Chambreau

    Tilly Anger, I would love to have you share the name of your wonderful homeopathic veterinarian so others may benefit from his skill. Looking forward to seeing you as a part of the Holistic Actions community.

  4. Sarah Merlin

    Thank you Christina, a really informative and practical presentation. Fantastic advice. Unfortunately, here in North Wales, UK, we have very few, if any, homeopathic vets.