1. Tilly Anger

    Thank you, Kim and Allison. I love your presentations (Summits of 2018 and 2019). You share a wealth in information, suggestions, experiences, ideas that are wise, helpful, and easily implemented. It’s always a pleasure / I look for your names and “The Lightfoot Way” on the itinerary. Kindest thoughts, appreciation, and gratitude.~Tilly

    1. Kim and Allison Shotola

      Maureen the colors yellow, orange and green all look similar to dogs. But keep in mind it’s the energy that the yellow gives off, which is different from the energy that orange and green give off.

  2. Mabel Haak

    I really appreciate the transcripts, but it seems that someone should proof them so “thought” isn’t transcribed “fucked” (6:46)….. and chakra isn’t transcribed “shockers” (9:50) — just two examples.

    1. Mabel Haak

      My apologies … .I should have been a little more discreet in my spelling…. I was just shocked when I read it, and I thought, surely she didn’t say that, and I was correct, she didn’t. I hope they can get the transcript up soon with corrections.

    2. barneykuntze

      Thank you for pointing that out – we will be sure to edit that, as there is over 42 hours worth of transcripts to edit and proof and it’s quite possible that there was a human error there. Which is probably what happened. We will be sure to adjust that.

  3. Cheryl Bales

    How come I can’t see the transcript on this? Is it being edited per Mabel’s comment above? I would really like to read the color references again.