AWS 19 D1 V3 19.11 Ellen Schaffer – Animal Communication: What Your Animals Need You to Know

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D1 V3 19.11 Ellen Schaffer – Animal Communication: What Your Animals Need You to Know  [memb_add_tag tag_id=”4665,5151″]

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  1. Iris Matzath


    Greetings to you from Germany. I am an animal communicator and REALLY enjoyed your video!
    Thank you for this!!!
    Especially your words on; talk to the animals that wil be separated from their moms and to enjoy rest of the time together.
    How hard this is for you + us and how IMPORTANT for the animals!!!!!

    Iris / Hamburg

    1. Ellen Schaffer

      Hi Iris!!!

      Thank you for your comments. Yes, it’s so important to share that information with the animals, especially when they’re about to be separated. While not all animals are sad to be moving on, my heart really aches for those that are (or those that are never told why). 🙁

      So glad you’re doing this work for the animals too!


  2. Leesa Hagen

    Interesting. I’ve always talked to our animals, but I guess I haven’t really “heard” them talk to me. Guess I need to “listen” more closely. Kinda like hearing God, I suppose.

    1. Ellen Schaffer

      Hi Leesa!!

      You’ll be in awe once you hear their voices! If you would like to learn how to receive messages from animals, I have a live, online class – Beginning Animal Communication – this January 23rd & 30th. (Starts this Thursday!)

      You can register on my website at

      I would love to teach you how to hear your animals!


  3. Liz Mahony

    Hi Ellen, Have just finished listening to your presentation which you recommended to me as a Dog Trainer. It was so informative. I do a lot of this already with my own dogs and get feelings or just ‘know’ sometimes with clients’ dogs. But now am going to really try harder to communicate with those dogs that have real problems. Thank you. It was a brilliant session.

    1. Ellen Schaffer


      You’re so very welcome! I’m thrilled you can put these techniques to good use right away! Yeah!!! Please let me know how they work out for you. 🙂

      If you’re interested in going further in learning to send and receive messages, my next online Beginning Animal Communication class will be March 26 & April 2. An added bonus is that animal communication enhances your intuition and those “knowing” feelings like you wouldn’t believe!! You can find all of the details for the class on my website at Hope to see you there!