1. Linda Johnson

    Love hearing the stories from early years of YL-such valuable knowledge everyone is sharing! Thanks to all the leaders sharing real life from those early years—so very precious. And I’m one of those who gravitated to conversations and listening to wisdom of people sharing ‘how’s & whys’ of essential oils! Thanks so much Teri🌿

  2. Sarah Battle

    These videos keep getting better! How I’d LOVE to share this video with my team! Thank you Teri and Cherie! I’ve had the pleasure of hearing you both in person but these stories blow me away. Thank you!

  3. ilka handshaw

    I love you, 2 women!!!:) Your sincerity and passion for Y L. and helping people is totally amazing!!!:)We can’t ask for better example and Leaders!!!:) You, 2 w/Carl, and Jeffrey and -of course- Mary, and Jacob!!!:) You truly make Gary proud, from above…And all the others here..:)-Tks so much for sharing!:)