1. Robin Todd

    Sarah I Am Praying For You and Your Family!!
    May The Lord Bring To You A Complete Recovery To Perfect Health !! May Your Pain Be Taken Away and A Complete Healing Take Place To Your Body, Mind And Soul. May The Lord Bless You Always And Restore Your Health. May The Timer Be Gone and Every Cell in Your Body Restored to Perfect Health. You Are A Beautiful Child Of God and Bring So Much Goodness and Value To The World and Humanity. You Are Loved❤️🙏❤️God’s Own.

  2. Clara Risenmay

    This talk was great. It helps a person put their own trials and challenges into perspective. Thank you for sharing and giving points as to how to push through the tough times when growing a business and keep going. You’re a great example. Praying for you. Thank you.

  3. Jeanmarie Hepworth

    Awesome sharing Sarah as only you can do. The hearts you touch are immeasurable! God’s speed on your recovery as we keep you and your family in our prayers. 💜🙏

  4. Gwynn Hamilton

    Sarah I Love your Teachers Script book money well spent All i have to do is open and read the book My team mates love the information Thank you God bless you and your family with perfect peace

  5. ilka handshaw

    Thank you Sarah for being such an inspiration and a blessing!!!:) We’ll be praying for your recovery and everything …You are a strong woman and God wants you to hang around, !!!:)
    Much love and looking fwd to hearing you again!!!:)