1. Peggy Cambus Toulatos

    I was introduced to Young Living from Marie Ruggles and always enjoy listening to her wealth of knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Did read and recommend her book “Optimize Your Immune System – Create Health and resilience with a kitchen pharmacy” to help people get on a better path for health and vitality. The book helped me with meal, menu planning and I highly recommend it as a reference guid for your “kitchen pharmacy”. thank you Marie for another top notch presentation !

  2. Veronica Becker

    Veronica Becker
    A very educational and enjoyable talk about immunity! Thank you Marie for introducing me to YL essential oils 5 years ago. I am still loving them.

  3. Maryann Gallucci

    So much great information for our Immune Support and very well presented! You’ve mastered the art of taking the science to the plate. Thank you Marie for introducing my to YL Essential oils over 5 years ago. I have so many new tools in my toolbox for health.