1. Stephanie Ringenberg

    Love all of this! You are helping me understand more about what I believe concerning western medicine. I wish I could give you Thumbs up/hearts as you talked. You are a blessing! I would love to learn more!

  2. Malia Coleman

    Wow! This was so good! I would love to keep learning more from the both of you! This aligns with what I have been learning about my own body! So thank you ladies!

  3. Roa Anne Bondoc

    My fave of all so far. I got to read further and made a class deck I called “YL Round-the-Clock”. I added affirmations for each body organ to enhance the experience of applying our oils and I shared with our community of oilers. Now my alarm is set every 2 hours interval to make sure I’m prompted with which organ I’m giving some love. I also made printable cards. Now I want to explore further by adding recommended supplements. Thank you oh so much!

  4. Madelyn Spiegelman

    Both of you create a great team of valuable information. Western medicine lacks so many truisms about our holistic bodies. This is so refreshing. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  5. Kim Busch

    Whoa!! This was wonderful and so interesting!!
    I will listen to this again after I print the screenshot and add notes.
    Thank you so much for putting this together! It’s going to help me use several EO blends I haven’t use before.
    So appreciate this info! Kim from Iowa, USA 🙂