1. Sarah Battle

    Always appreciate hearing from Jacob. It is so evident how you have learned from your parents…work ethic, authenticity, honesty, etc. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Norma Hayhurst

    Wonderful interview! I enjoyed listening to Jacob’s answers and perspectives for YL. Having met him when he was quite young and seen him grow and mature over the years, I appreciate his connections with his Dad and Mom. Carrying their honesty, their connections with people from all across the planet, their concerns to produce healthy and wholesome products while also protecting the environment and all life across the planet. Stepping forward to embrace the future growth of YL and maintain the core values shows a young man who has a strong future at the helm. Thank you for sharing your views, Jacob!

  3. Jeanmarie Hepworth

    Hearing you speak from your heart while embracing the wisdom you have gained growing up, gives many of us the same inherited emotional release of “leaky eye syndrome”. Remembering your younger years of almost being plowed down by you and your friends as you raced the hallways in hotels and the decks of cruise ships, still brings a smile to my face. What a gift you are to all of us for picking up the reins as we continue forward in bringing these oils to every home. You truly are loved Jacob and we will always stand behind you as you move forward.

  4. Linda Johnson

    Appreciate your drive and passion in moving YL forward with quality, excellence and success! And the quote about comfort/growth zones is spot on as well🌿

  5. Laurie Robbins

    Love listening to you, Jacob… the stories, what you are doing now.. you are passionate, mature, & grounded in every aspect of your life. You are the best reflection of your parents. Thank you for all you do for YL.

  6. Lornadahl Campilan-Pan

    Thank you for this! You inspire me to continue modeling the use of essential oils so my daughter can benefit from it (now and beyond).

    Also, it used to depress me that, instead of pursuing what I took up in college, I ended up being a call center agent for my first job. Now I understand why I’m so passionate in my succeeding jobs, because customer service is really ingrained in me. It is great to hear Jacob Young validate our hard work.