1. Lavinia Schreuder

    AMAZING Cherie!!!! I have heard about you through my brother, Marc Gentile (Schreuder) for so long. This information is SO valuable to me so thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge & wisdom. Hope to meet you in person some day!💜

  2. Laurie Robbins

    Thank you, Cherie! I love your knowledge, stories, & encouragement! This helped me to understand how & why these 2 kits are amazing! I’ve had them sitting on my shelf too long. Time to use them!

  3. Linda Johnson

    WOW! So appreciate your expertise in recounting all the rich history and personal experiences with Gary Young and Young Living! Such valuable wisdom, hands-on experiences and knowledge are incredible. Thanks very much for sharing with all YL family!!!

  4. Kimberly Hamilton

    Thank you so much for this valuable information. Love your illustrations. I didn’t realize these products were for PTSD. Great to know. I learned something new today. Well done!

  5. Lornadahl Campilan-Pan

    Thank you so much for this inspiring presentation! These oils have been in my goal list. Can’t wait to try and benefit from it. Thank you also for mentioning EFT, I’ve been doing it for weeks and so far it’s helping me. And now I think catterpillar is my spirit animal. Again, thank you and God bless!

  6. Sue Greenwood

    Amazing!!! So knowledgeable and so enjoyed much more than a presentation! So much heart-felt love, wisdom, and knowledge… I learned so much and would love to help others!
    Would love to meet you in person someday as your heart is so big and you were able to know and work with Gary!!Thank you!

  7. Norma Hayhurst

    Thank you, Cherie! I absolutely love every oil in these two collections. I work with many people who have experienced trauma and these two collections have had phenomenal results with my clients. To see people who can hardly get up, much less make it thru a day or sleep soundly at night….change. There are truly no words to describe the polar opposite changes in those peoples lives. Your presentation in this video….EXCELLENT!

  8. Louise Saldanha

    Thank you for this presentation Cherie. I have not tried any of these kits but will definitely look into the Freedom Sleep Kit. Loved all the information you shared.

  9. Louise Saldanha

    Thank you for this presentation Cherie and for the invaluable information. I have not tried any of these kits but will definitely look into the Freedom Sleep Kit.

  10. Holly Shelowitz

    thank you very much for sharing your stories and this wonderful information. I LOVE learning about these oils and how they can help with trauma, sleep, stress and the things that so many of us are going through. I look forward to using these kits.

  11. Cherie Ross

    Thank you everyone for your kind & inspiring words. I believe we are ALL here to lift each other up into a higher experience of our lives with understanding, love & compassion.

  12. martina Fancovicova

    Hello dear friends,

    I want to share on Joy. When I ordered my first EO 7th kit back in 2012 , The only oil I couldnt stand was Joy. I did knew nothing on the oils, I just loved the way thez smell. I was trying to convince me to find some cheaper ones :_) but they were not that I had the chance to smell from YL. After a year I still did not want to open the Joy bottle but I already knew these oils do. SO I decided to put Joy under my pillow to get connected. It took a while but after that time I i slept over Joy ( maybe two months ) it started to smell nice for me. So this is the way how I connected back to joy and Joy. Thank you for all the knowledge you shared within the summit . Greetings from SLovakia.