1. Linda Johnson

    Honestly, I have felt defeated during different times this past year. After hearing from many of these early leaders, I’m encouraged to move ahead again. So appreciate the passion & wisdom of every leader at Young Living!

  2. Stephanie Ringenberg

    Love hearing the stories from all of you! Legacy Leaders is a great topic to fit all of these topics under. Someday I will be a Legacy Leader maybe to my own small clan, maybe to a slew of people, maybe only to my family, but oils are a part of the legacy I am going to lead, and leave, others.

  3. ilka handshaw

    Wow!!!:)- another great talk and- electrifying feeling thru my body when you shared what Marcela told you!!!:) It s so-oooo important ALL of us to hear something like that in our life- that some 1 believes in us!:)