1. Stephanie Ringenberg

    Thank you! Great information. Looking forward to learning more about homeopathic wellness. Good to know that oils are helpful along side. Would love to hear and learn more from you in future summits!

  2. Elizabeth Kapadia

    Wow I had trouble with my knee and had not used my essential oil and Gary came in a dream and showed me I had forgotten and showed me a Christmas stocking to put oil on my knee and cover with the sock . My knee got better. I starting use the oils again and excited for use again and back into learning💜

  3. ilka handshaw

    Thank you, Carl!!!:) so wonderful to hear you speak again!!!:) I remember like yesterday(even if it was…17-18 y ago) how you came to teach us the Raindrop in MI…-we felt we were in HAVEN!!!:) listening to you, enjoying the Raindrop experience…:) I’m so honored to be part of your team and- looking fwd to seeing you face to face-hope soon!!!:) Many blessings!!!:)

  4. Cynthia Edens

    Thank you so much for sharing your story and knowledge of using essential oils and homeopathy. I too was a skeptic at first and so glad I have connected with the essential oils.

  5. Norma Hayhurst

    Carl is amazing, full of wisdom and multiple experiences. Enjoyed this entire interview. Would enjoy meeting him someday. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on your chart….beautiful and touching!