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"Online Group Master Cleanse"
with Tom Woloshyn

and Barney Kuntze

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Wednesday, May.13th, 2020

Kick-Off Call with Tom & Barney:
Tuesday, May.12th at 8 pm EST via Zoom
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Friday, May.15th 2020 @ 11:59 pm EST

Join this online group and be personally coached daily through this program by Tom Woloshyn!  He will guide you through the 3-day prep phase, followed by 10 days of going "On-The-Cleanse" and then finally 3 days going "Off-The-Cleanse". 

Each day during the cleanse, Tom will be available LIVE via Zoom to answer your questions and personally coach you through any challenges you may need assistance with.  

The cleanse is run in 3 phases:

Phase 1:    May.13-15th 2020
3 Days of Preparation
Preparation to go on the cleanse by eating healthy whole foods slowly eliminating caffeine, alcohol, dairy, highly processed foods & refined sugar.

Phase 2:     May.16-25th 2020
10 Days of The Master Cleanse
Going on the Master Cleanse by drinking water, herbal tea's & lemonade.  Lemonade consists of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, 100% pure Maple Syrup and Cayenne Pepper.

Phase 3:   May.26-28th 2020
3 Days Transitioning Off The Master Cleanse
Transitioning off The Master Cleanse.

QUICK FACT:  Tom first did this many moons ago to PROVE this wouldn't work and it literally changed his life.   In fact, D Gary Young (Founder of Young Living Essential oils took personal guidance from Tom Woloshyn on how to complete the Master Cleanse properly for 272 days!

So if you think 10 days will be "challenging" - think of doing this for 272 days.

Tom Woloshyn is the leading expert and author of The Complete Master Cleanse, a book that has sold over 50,000+ copies around the world. 


  • Private Facebook Group for support & accountability (PRICELESS)
  • LIVE Kick-Off Call with Tom Woloshyn & Barney Kuntze on Tues May.12th 2020 at 8pm EST
  • 3 Day Pre Master Cleanse Checklist 
  • 10 Day Master Cleanse Checklist 
  • 3 Day Post Master Cleanse Checklist 
  • One Page Summary of the Master Cleanse
  • Daily LIVE Zoom Coaching Calls with Tom Woloshyn (over 20hours of personal group coaching by Tom Woloshyn & Barney Kuntze)
  • Access to LIVE Q&A Recordings to catch up on if you miss them LIVE. 
  • Optional: 
    Purchase a signed copy Tom's Book - The Complete Master Cleanse: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet


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Have you watched this LIVE video?

Be sure to check this "short" 2 hour (lol) FB Live that happened last week with Barney Kuntze, Dr Jessica Dietrich Marsh, Dr Jim Bob Haggerton & Tom Woloshyn.  Near the end, when Tom was on - it became evident that this ONLINE GROUP MASTER CLEANSE is very timely with all that's going on in our world!!

What these Master Cleansers Have to say!

Cayenne & Citrus Allergy

I was wary of doing the Master Cleanse because I was allergic to cayenne pepper (hot spices generally) and sensitive to citrus fruits as well (though I honestly had one noticed reactions to oranges and grapefruit).  Tom reassured me that he had seen people with such sensitivities do fine on the master cleanse and suggested I just go easy on the cayenne at first and see how it goes. 

I took his suggestion and had no adverse reactions, even as I steadily upped the amount of cayenne I was using to the usual amount (1/10 teaspoon).  There was no reaction to the lemonade either, and, being thin, I drank a lot of it.  I did have some sensitivity to the orange juice in coming off the Master Cleanse.  I should have called Tom, as he later suggested that fresh mango or papaya (or pineapple as well but I'm also sensitive to that) could have been used as a substitute.
- Ken S. 

"Tom Woloshyn is terrific. I did the master cleanse when I had an allergic reaction that caused my lower lip to crack and bleed.  Nothing else would help.  The master cleanse cleared up the problem when nothing else would. It also took me into a state of bliss and clarity while allowing me to shed all excess weight. I highly recommend the master cleanse. Side benefit: it will give your pocketbook a break!" 

—Kamile Kapel.

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