(2020) Animal Wellness Summit

Welcome to our 4th Animal Wellness Summit, another amazing online education series. As a free or paid subscriber, you have online viewing access to all presentations from Days 1 thru Day 10! Please enjoy and share with your friends.

5 Days

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


  1. cindy brosig


    I am trying to access Day 1 but it is saying it is not available. Could you clarify the availability? 12:01 am EST to 11:59 am EST is not 24 hours—it is 12 hours.

    As I understand it, access should starts at 12:01 am EST (on Day 2) and end at 11:59 pm EST (not am).

    Thank you for your consideration!

  2. Lil New

    I also signed up for the free access but when I click on the day and a course, it says I don’t have access. I tried to log out and back in, plus refreshed the page multiple times with no success. Is it the browser I’m using?

  3. Kristine Skinner

    Hi…….I signed up also as a free subscriber but cant figure out how to get on……..Its a little confusing……..Is there anyone who can direct us how to get on the right way?……

  4. Vivin Liem

    Hello, can you help me? I signed up also for free but when I enter the day and the subject I can’t opened it. I tried this more than ten times this day and use another gadget too. Please help and thank you.
    Vivin Liem

  5. Erica Scheutzow

    I’ve tried logging in every day with the free preview and I can’t access any of the videos. I’ve logged out and back in also without success. Any way to troubleshoot this further?

  6. Habib Al Said

    Hi, so I could not log in from my phone! I log in, then I get the image verifications which I do, but then it kicks me out again!!!! However I did find that if I insist and log in again, I can actually get in. Not quite sure how it works but hey… From the laptop I seem to have less problems. Hope it helps someone…