Coaching Call – #18.52 Madeleine Innocent with barneykuntze

Madeleine Innocent - Madeleine came to homeopathy as a result of the rapid healing of one of her cats, under this natural, highly effective treatment. 

The condition had been treated for many years under veterinary care, but no headway had been made. The homeopathic treatment cleared the chronic skin condition up in a matter of days. It was a truly remarkable and memorable experience.

As a result, Madeleine studied homeopathy herself and has now been in full time practice since the year 2000, treating both people and animals in her clinic in Perth, Western Australia.

In the course of homeopathic training, practitioners are taught to consider every possibility that may be the cause of the illness. Diet is all important and is perhaps the main cause of ill health in cats and dogs. Getting the diet right can cure even chronic disease.

Madeleine loves to spread the wonderful work homeopathy can do, and, in addition to her clinic work, teaches people (both online and offline) how to use the common remedies at home.

Madeleine Innocent