Coaching Call – #18.42 Peter Jeffs with barneykuntze

Peter Jeffs - "I have been interested in the oriental energy arts for over 20 years, learning the short form of Tai-Chi in my 20s, then practising Aikido, studying Qi-Gong in Paris over a five year period, until I finally discovered Reiki in 2011. With Reiki France (Gilles and Martine Tikka), I received my first three Reiki degrees between 2011 and 2012. I came back to the UK after living in France for 20 years, I continued to develop my work with Reiki. It was however in the UK that I really tuned into Kinesiology.

Systematic kinesiology
My training in Kinesiology began in 2014, with the six module ASK Foundation course run by Rosie Dowbekin (Dip. ASK) (Frome, UK). I was so amazed by what I learned with Rosie that immediately signed up for the ASK Full Kinesiology Diploma course and enjoyed an amazing year of training with Julie Mawji (Dip. ASK) at the Bristol School of Advanced Kinesiology. I obtained my Diploma in July 2016.

In addition to my Diploma in Kinesiology, I then undertook further training with Alison Astill-Smith (Metabolics, Wiltshire, UK) in working with Leaky Gut, & Exploring the Keto diet for Control of Weightloss and Diabetes. I also studied the use of the powerful Energy Mismatch technique with Jane Thurnell-Read (Work Life Potential, Devon, UK).

I also continued my Reiki training to become a Reiki Master Teacher in 2016 with Chrissie Rhyman in Kent.

My initial training was in the Life Sciences, receiving a First Class Honours BSc in Botany, from the University of Durham and then taking my PhD in Genetics at the University of Cambridge. Whilst my initial training was highly scientific, I had always felt intuitively that organisms possess very subtle energy pathways. It has taken me several decades and my training in Kinesiology and Reiki to really understand just how much this is true.

I see no conflict between the wonders of science and the mysteries of Kinesiology and Reiki. I feel very lucky to have been trained in science, and then discover, later in life, that our bodies can tell the difference between two vitamins just by gently posing them on the navel, and testing muscles. The body knows. I hope that science will one day explore the secrets of kinesiology — and that day will show just how much our understanding of the world has grown and matured.

For the present, I am just thrilled to be able to work with kinesiology, knowing that I am able to access some of this deeper insight through the techniques I have learned from expert practitioners.

Working with horses

During my Diploma, I was able to prepare a case study working with a horse. I loved this so much that I have been inspired to develop an approach to equestrian kinesiology for energy-balancing riders and their horses.  Kinesiology also offers the possibility of many other balances for health, through Injury Recall, or with complex conditions such as Laminitis and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.

I am developing in Somerset what I call Equestrian Energy Workshops and these focus on working with horses, the Meridians and the Five Element System. I have recently been invited to collaborate with the equestrian Petra Christensen in Colorado (USA) and we are exploring crossovers between her Genuine Connections Program and kinesiology.

I have also begun my training with The Straightness Training Academy of Marijke de Jong, in order to develop a kinesiology approach that is complementary to the groundwork taught in her Straightness Training Mastery Course."

Peter Jeffs

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