Coaching Call – #18.23 Dr Tricia Working with barneykuntze

Dr Tricia Working - is so very Southern, a sassy spirit, lipstick, lace and leopard print.  Her heart is and always has been with the animal kingdom. Paws and claws have melted her tears and given her the strength to go on when she felt she could not.  She is a mixture of light and dark, the divine feminine, deeply mysterious and mystical.

Dr Tricia has a connection to Spirit which blesses her with a unique healing ability and a way to see into the soul to support guardians and their pets to create a deeper relationship.  Her abilities with the animals translates back to humanity and she focuses on healing what is broken. She is about consciousness in all that we do and she possesses a unique ability to understand the final moments of life. Dr Tricia is able to support both animals and people to move to the next level with ease and grace. Quirky and fun, but with such a deep heart, let her show you how much better it can be for both you and your animal companions!

Dr Tricia Working